• The program will be held twice every month for 6 months.

    In total there will be 12 sessions.

    A session will be spread over 3 hours from 3 pm to 6 pm. One topic will be the theme for the day. Experts will demonstrate 6 recipes for the particular cuisine. Participants will be given a brief about the cuisine, followed by the demonstration of 6 recipes of that cuisine. The session will end with a tasting for the entire crowd and an open house wherein they will be able to interact with the experts and ask questions.

    Every session will have a similar structure and at the end of the program the participants will have learnt 72 recipes from different cuisines under the expert guidance of the panellists.

    For their convenience the participants will get printed material at the start of each session which will have a history and some information about that cuisine followed by the 6 recipes for the day in detail. So during the demonstration they can concentrate on the experts and need not spend time writing down notes.

    A General list of topics for the 1st program starting on 12th Jan 2012 are as below:

    1.  Italian Cuisine by Hina Gautam.
    2.  Thai and Chinese Cuisine by Shivani Mehta and Sejal Bhalavat.
    3.  Bakery items by Jyoti Nandani.
    4.  Low Fat Health Food by Priti Thakkar and Sumira Shah.
    5.  Regional Recipes by Kamini Shah.
    6.  Children Recipes by Ushma Desai.
    7.  Starters and Mocktails by Janish Parmar.
    8.  North Indian Food by Jamila Vora and Sejal Desai.
    9.  Street Food and Microwave Recipes by Surbhi Vasa and Panasonic.
    10.  Sweets and Desserts by Purva Mehta and Parul Modi.
    11.  Mexican food and Salad Carving by Mamta Gandhi and Smita Shah.
    12.  Chocolates and Sizzlers by Hina Desai.